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Explore all the museum buildings!

Marshall-Yohe House

Available for tours, reservations and photography sessions!

Kyne House

Kyne House

Originally owned by Timothy and Bridget Kyne and located in its original location.

Topsy School

Topsy School

In 1987, the Topsy school from Franklin Township was donated by Willie Webb.

What is happening at the museums?

Become a member or volunteer today!

Historical Society Membership

Organized in 1940, the society is still active and oversees all LCHS properties. The society holds historically informative events throughout the year. Your membership helps support the preservation of our county’s history and helps bring informative exhibits to Lincoln County.

Genealogy Membership

We have a room that holds our local research collection. Our collection includes local newspapers, cemetery indexes, family histories, photos, and local organizations. We have an amazing volunteer who is meticulously cataloging photos currently. Your genealogy membership allows us to add more resources to the research room.

Volunteer at Museum

We are in need of help at the museum!!! If you have a few hours to spare, contact Dana to ask how you can volunteer at the museum! In the past we have had volunteers do a little cleaning, provide assistance moving displays within the complex, and photograph artifacts.